Resume Mapper The Must Have Tool for Job Seekers in the Digital Age

The first person to read your resume will NOT be a person. It will be an ATS program.
If your resume is rejected by the ATS program, it will NEVER be read by a person.

Resume Evaluation

Use the multi step the Resume Evaluation function as a starting point to make sure that your resume can be processed by ATS software. Common mistakes and simple errors can cause the resume of the most qualified candidates to be rejected.

The Resume Mapper Evaluation function is the first step in the process of submitting your resume and cover letter.  Use Resume Mapper resume and cover letter evaluation functionality to make sure that your resume and cover letter will not be rejected by either the ATS program or Human Resources personnel. 

The Evaluation function will examine your documents and report any items that may cause your resume to be rejected by an ATS program or red flagged by Human Resource Department personnel.

Resume Mapper also provides you with a library of resume templates to assist you in the creation of a resume that will capture the interest of a prospective employer and demonstrate that you are a well qualified candidate for the position.

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