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The first person to read your resume will NOT be a person. It will be an ATS program.
If your resume is rejected by the ATS program, it will NEVER be read by a person.


Resume Evaluation

Use the twenty five point the Resume Evaluation function as a starting point to make sure that your  resume can be processed by ATS software.  The Resume Evaluation function will examine your resume for common mistakes that can cause you to be eliminated as a candidate.

Resumes often must be updated and submitted very quickly.  This can cause an applicant to submit a resume that is missing information or has mistakes in it.  These errors can cause a resume to be rejected by the ATS, the Human Resources department, or the hiring manager.  A resume that does not contain data required to create an ATS database record will be discarded.  A resume that contains common mistakes or omissions will be viewed by the reviewer as representative of the work product that can be expected from the candidate. This will cause many reviewers to reject a candidate no matter how well qualified they are for the position. 

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Use Resume Mapper resume and cover letter evaluation functionality to make sure that your resume and cover letter will not be rejected by either the ATS program or Human Resources personnel.

Cover Letter Evaluation

The Cover Letter Evaluation function ensures that your cover letter contains all the elements to make the reader seriously consider you as a candidate for the job.

The cover letter is often overlooked by applicants that choose to focus only on the actual content of their resume and expect that their qualifications will speak for themselves.  As a result, very often they will send a cover letter that is missing key elements that should be contained in a cover letter.  When the reviewer reads the cover letter, they will have a negative impression of the candidate because they will be viewed as someone that is wasting the reviewer's time or has not devoting enough effort to provide them with a reason to consider the applicant as a qualified candidate for the job.  Quite often, they will not even read the resume if they consider the cover letter to be inadequate.

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