Resume Mapper The Must Have Tool for Job Seekers in the Digital Age

The first person to read your resume will NOT be a person. It will be an ATS program.
If your resume is rejected by the ATS program, it will NEVER be read by a person.

Cover Letter Mapping

Resume Mapper utilizes a combination of the following tools and metrics to map  a cover letter to a job description.  These tools represent the state of the art in ATS accept or reject algorithms in use today. Although all of these methods are not used by some ATS programs, a subset is used by all industry standard programs.

  • Keyword Utilization
  • Keyword Matching
  • Semantic Indexing
  • Action Verb Utilization
  • Action Verb Matching
  • Objective Phrase Utilization
  • Objective Phrase Matching
  • Job Description Parsing
  • Stop Word Elimination

By using Resume Mapper, you can be assured that whatever combination of metric is used by an employer's ATS software, the suite of tools and metrics used by Resume Mapper will be able to determine if your cover letter content supports the requirements of a job description.

If Resume Mapper says that your cover letter supports the job description requirements, your resume will not be rejected for not meeting the requirements.

Resume Mapper also provides you with a library of cover letter templates to assist you in the creation of a cover letter that will capture the interest of a prospective employer and demonstrate that you are a well qualified candidate for the position.


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