Resume Mapper The Must Have Tool for Job Seekers in the Digital Age

The first person to read your resume will NOT be a person. It will be an ATS program.
If your resume is rejected by the ATS program, it will NEVER be read by a person.

The logic of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is the first thing that has to be convinced that you are qualified for the job.

Stop Guessing

Your resume looks like this to you.   It can look like this to the Applicant Tracking System.

Resume Mapper knows the metrics Applicant Tracking Systems use to compare your resume and cover letter to the Job Description.

You can spend hours preparing, modifying, and upgrading your resume for a potential job opportunity. 

0.003 Seconds is how long it will take an applicant tracking system to reject a resume that does not map to a job description!

Start Mapping

Before a human reads your resume or cover letter, it will be:

Scanned Uploaded Rejection Stamp
Parsed Weighted
Indexed Filtered
Rated Ranked

And all too often it will be Rejected!

One Keyword Can Make a Difference!

"Many job seekers have long suspected their online employment applications disappear into a black hole, never to be seen again. Their fears may not be far off the mark, as more companies rely on technology to winnow out less-qualified candidates."
"Your Resume vs. Oblivion." Wall Street Journal

"Have you spent countless hours writing, polishing and blasting your resume—only to find that it ends up in a black hole, where you've sent it to dozens or even hundreds of places and never heard a thing? Companies are using applicant tracking systems to screen resumes before a person looks at them."
"How To Avoid The Resume Black Hole." Forbes

"It’s a tough assignment. On the one hand are job seekers who submit hundreds of applications online with little effort, but also with little hope of receiving a response. On the other hand are companies, inundated with resumes, that resort to blunt-edged tracking systems to quickly weed out candidates, including potentially qualified ones who don't conform to established criteria."
"Why the Job Search Is Like Throwing Paper Airplanes into the Galaxy." Time Magazine

Resume Mapper knows what the Recruiting Software logic of Applicant Tracking Systems software used by Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) and Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) looks for in your resume and cover letter.
Resume Mapper is the tool you need to make sure your resume and cover letter are a 100% match to each job you apply for.

  • Load a job description and your resume and cover letter into Resume Mapper.
  • Resume Mapper will compare your resume and cover letter to the job description using the same criteria used by Applicant Tracking Systems that Human Resource departments use to select the most qualified applicants.
  • Automatically update each resume and cover letter to match the requirements of each job description.

  • Get started today.
  • Move to the front of the line.
  • Don't be the last person to figure out what you need to do to get a job in the digital age.


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You Have the Skills to Do the Job!

You Need a Tool to Get the Job!


Resume Mapping
Cover Letter Mapping
Resume Evaluation
Cover Letter Evaluation
Posted Job Description Processing
Resume Templates
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Stop playing blind mans bluff with your career.

If you have sent 10 or more resumes and have not been contacted for an interview, your resumes and cover letters are not matching the job descriptions.

You cannot win the game if you don't know the score. Resume Mapper helps you win by letting you know the score and providing you with tools to level the field of play.

  • Keyword Utilization
  • Keyword Matching
  • Semantic Indexing
  • Action Verb Utilization
  • Action Verb Matching
  • Objective Phrase Utilization
  • Objective Phrase Mapping
  • Job Description Parsing
  • Stop Word Elimination